This is What depends on it.. Fix it

My name is a Unique Name, but does that enough for you?

You want more than a name, which means your brain want to analyze my name to make it feel good or bad towards me.

Identify, Analyze, Acknowledge, processing and maintain that name to achieve something from it. Unbelievable, right?

Could you ask yourself, why you choose that name to fit into your brain or your life?

Did you found out why? Or did you get it what it does mean by that? Or How it would effect towards to around you or the world?

Some of names are like a peaceful name, and some of them an Example of an adventure or act of Violence, and some of them mean as simple of love.

But be careful about it, not every name is an Accurate as 100% is true name. Some of them still kind of Mystery to find out.

I hope you find it interesting.. You can comment below what do you think about it.

Thank you.


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