The truth of the egg cultivation video in China, which sparked a great controversy among the pioneers of social media

The pioneers of the social networking site and the Google search engine dealt with the news of egg cultivation in China, and a video clip of a woman collecting the egg crop after it has grown in size, and another man cracking eggs on a tree branch, has already spread, and this news has sparked widespread controversy among citizens, because the human mind denies All this news is in print, because eggs do not come only from poultry, but because of the various inventions that China issued and excelled in doing during the past few years, and it became one of the most important industrialized countries in the world, some people believed in this matter and in this article we will present to you the truth of this news in detail.

egg farming in china

A few hours ago, a Chinese person posted a video clip revealing to the world that they are already working on egg cultivation in China and India, and many people were surprised by a video clip circulating and even trending on various social media, titled Egg farming in China, The video had already spread widely and achieved very large views, and a person appeared in the video in an agricultural area, announcing to everyone that he was planting eggs, and that he had already shown in the video eggs stuck on the leaves of a small tree branch and began collecting these eggs, and even he did not Not only that, but he breaks several eggs to make sure people watching his videos are real eggs.

The whole truth about egg farming

Unfortunately, with the pioneers of social networking sites dealing with this video, many of them began to search for the cultivation of eggs, meaning that they believed the words of the Chinese man, and with the wide spread of the clip, we had to tell you the truth of this matter so that you would have the whole truth about the issue of egg cultivation in China and India, In reality, the mind, and what humanity has arisen since God created it is that eggs have one source that has no second to come from, which is from chickens, and eggs cannot be raised or grown, and about the circulating video, we would like to tell you that it is nothing but a trick or a lie from that person to bring views And about the one who appeared in the video and looks like eggs, it is the white eggplant, but it is still in the beginning of cultivation and is still young and has not yet matured, but he used a trick with his intelligence that he put a picture of the egg in his hand with leaves or plants, then he stuck the egg in the planting leaves, to deceive people That he laid eggs, but this is not true.

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